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I Might Regret This by Abbi Jacobson

If you haven't seen the TV show Broad City (available on Hulu), it's hilarious and you're missing out. If you have, then you are already familiar with the author of I Might Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other Stuff.

Meet Abbi -- real world Abbi -- as she recounts her journey traveling from New York City to LA via cross-country drive in a half-baked attempt to distract herself from a recent breakup and the stresses from her day to day life as a comedian. Obviously, all the hours and hours of driving did was force her to face some of her worst moments, rethink her take on the social world, and appreciate the life she's made for herself.

There are stories from the trip itself -- where she stopped, what she did and didn't do, and what went through her head during many sleepless nights, stories from all over her comedy career and her relationship with the co-creator of Broad City (and best friend) Illana, and stories of her time dealing with depression, especially during a particularly rough recent break-up.

I particularly enjoyed the stories from her time in Sedona and in Jerome. Since I have actually spent time in both places, I could really see what she described. Abbi's time spent in Sedona attempting to find some sort of spiritual piece (regardless of her Jewish beliefs and cynicism due to past unsuccessful mystical endeavors) is both humorous and one of the dumbest most important moments for Abbi.

Sure, Abbi is a comedian by trade and immediately defaults to humor both in her speech and writing, but she also is painfully human. She's willing to share her experiences in life, love, and all that other stuff with the hope that someone else will connect with it, too. It never feels like she's making fun of important topics, but she keeps her tone light so that it's a little easier to talk about.

So, regardless of whether you like Broad City, you like Abbi Jacobson's other work, or you have no clue who she is, I Might Regret This is a great read for someone looking to dive into someone else's thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and just feel human.

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