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Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz is one of my absolute favorite books (and movies – it was a relief that the motion picture was not a watered down version). Even though it is classified as horror – and some of the imagery may be frightening to some – it is so much more complex than just blood and guts and scary monsters. Koontz has incorporated beautiful character development, stunning images, thrill, mystery, and of course a splash of romance and tragedy all into one work.

Whether you are interested in horror or not, I highly recommend this series, and insist that everyone read at least the first installment. Odd Thomas (last name being Thomas, first name Odd) is a clairvoyant short-order cook with a spunky girlfriend named Stormy Llewellyn, and a plethora of bizarre otherworldly senses. On occasion, a lost soul from their small desert town of Pico Mundo will try to seek justice for their death or provide a tip to prevent future crimes via Odd. Though the dead don't talk, Odd tends to follow their lead, serving as an unofficial consultant to Wyatt Porter, chief of police.

This time is different, though. A stranger comes to Pico Mundo along with growing masses of creatures, only visible to Odd of course, that feed off of death and "herald an imminent catastrophe". One or two of these beasts will appear in response to the most brutal and gory of deaths; however, this man brings hundreds in his wake. Odd must gather his strength and recruit his misfit allies, including his soul-mate, the chief of police, and the deceased King of Rock 'n Roll, and work against time and death to smother the gathering evil in Pico Mundo.

This novel is by far one of Dean Koontz's most successful stories, and one of my favorite books overall. It has a splash of every genre – romance, horror, suspense, mystery, the supernatural – yet is so well put together that it becomes an entity of it's own. Every time, I read this book or watch the movie, I find myself on the edge of my seat, crying for Odd's burden, and laughing out loud at his eccentric responses to catastrophe. Excellent, excellent, excellent...

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