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The Batman Adventures: Mad Love by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm

In the classic comic book The Batman Adventures: Mad Love, Joker and Harley Quinn's relationship is set straight. After having his latest plan to kill Commissioner Gordon foiled by Batman, The Joker retreats to one of his hideouts to plan his next move, but is being annoyed by his love-struck sidekick Harley Quinn and kicks her out of their hideout. Harley decides that the only way to make the Joker love her is to kill Batman, which she attempts to do by feeding him to a school of piranhas. When that doesn't go according to plan she has to find new and creative ways to gain her puddin's affections.

I love the Harley's flashback on meeting the Joker. As it goes, Doctor Harleen Quinzel--the psychiatrist assigned to the Joker case--falls in love with her patient, as well as off the rails. She redesigns herself as Harley Quinn after the Batman drags a bleeding broken Joker back to Arkham Asylum, and breaks him out. A particularly sweet set of panels show Dr. Quinzel laying on the therapy couch confessing her infatuation with him, while the Joker is taking notes. It's just too adorable to ignore.

Mad Love won the Eisner Award Winner for "Best Single Story" and is well-renown in the comic book universe. Created by the two people who created the famed Batman: The Animated Series, of course Mad Love has clean cut illustrations with a classic flare that all Batman fans can appreciate. It's a classic comic book story. Naturally, as a hardcore Batman fanatic, I had to read it. Harley Quinn is my DC girl and this is all about her famous disastrous relationship with Mista J. I'm in mad love with this Batman classic.

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